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Requirements In The Promised Land

Devotion for Tuesday January 31, 2017
Topic: Requirements In The Promised Land
Text: Deuteronomy 8:5 – 9   
When you are making a trip to a foreign country, you will want to know some of the dos and don’ts in that country. This is to enable you conform to the standard expected of you when you get there. In some cases you may want to know the thing you will have in your luggage to avoid being embarrassed when you get there. Such requirements and tips are essential in having not only a smooth trip and entry but also a perfect stay in that country.
The requirements and tips on how to stay in the Promised Land are here exposed by Moses. He charged them to keep God’s commandments, walk in His ways and fear Him. This is pertinent because the land they were inheriting is a land blessed by God specifically for them.
As Christians, we are looking forward to a kingdom prepared for us. Jesus promised to go and prepare a place for us and He will come back to take us (Jn. 14:2 – 3). Living in that kingdom has some requirements. Some of them are; (1) you must be born again (Jn.3:3 – 6), you must be holy (Heb. 12:14), etc. How are you preparing for that Kingdom? The type of life you will live in that kingdom begins here on earth. If you are not living according to the commandments of God now, living in heaven will be difficult for you. Begin now to adapt to heavenly lifestyle.
Food for Thought: How prepared are you for the Kingdom of God?    
Memory verse: Deuteronomy 8 verse 6
Prayer: Equip me, O God; with everything necessary live in your kingdom in Jesus name. Amen.

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