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Return To Your People

Devotion for Sunday January 15, 2017
Topic: Return To Your People
Text: Ruth 1:6 – 10  
There was almost nothing worse than being a widow in the ancient world even in our present day society. They are still not recognised. They are to be seen and not heard. Widows were taken advantage of or ignored as in the days of Naomi. They were almost always poverty stricken. Some were denied of assess to their late husband’s wealth.
It was for the above reason, God’s law, therefore, provided that the nearest relative of the dead husband should care for the widow; but Naomi had no relatives in Moab, and she did not know if any of her relatives were alive in Israel. However, she decided to go back to Israel.
As she set to go, the daughters’ inlaw, Orpah and Ruth decided to go with her. Though she had right over Orpah and Ruth as daughters in law, she didn’t want to stick to that right. That is a challenge for us in the action of Naomi. Most times, we stick to our right as Christians and that doesn’t work well in most cases. She encouraged them to return to their people to start live anew. This is a selfless attitude that is required to live well as a Christian. Even in her desperate situation, Naomi had a selfless attitude. She would have stood on her right at least to have someone live with her. As she had decided to return to Israel, she encouraged Ruth and Orpah to stay in Moab and start their lives anew, even though that would mean hardship for her.
Like Naomi, we (Christians) must consider the needs of others and not just our own. As Naomi discovered, when you act selflessly, others are encouraged to follow your example. This led to the reaction of Ruth as we shall see tomorrow in our devotion. We should note that service to others is the justification for our existence and self-sacrifice is our highest moral duty, virtue and value which we should show to people we meet on daily basis.
Food for Thought: Selfless acts are always good examples for people especially the goodly, to follow.
Memory verse: Ruth 1 verse 8 – And Naomi said unto her two daughters in law, Go, return each to her mother’s house: the Lord deal kindly with you, as ye have dealt with the dead, and with me.
Prayer: Grant me the grace, O Lord, to consider the needs of others as I take decisions concerning my welfare in Jesus name. Amen.

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