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REVEALING CHRIST TO THE WORLD: Devotion for Thursday October 6, 2016

REVEALING CHRIST TO THE WORLD: Devotion for Thursday October 6, 2016
Text: John 1:29 – 34        Memory verse: John 1 verse 31
If we, Christians truly appreciate what Christ has done for us, there is no limit to the extent which we can reveal Him to the world. What Christ had done for and is still doing for us are enough for us to shout to the hearing of the world about them on daily basis. Unfortunately, we are too quiet about Christ and all He does for us daily.
When Jesus Christ was commissioning the disciples on the day of Ascension, He solemnly charged them and we the present day disciples (Christians) by extension to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8); to tell the world all we know about Him and all He has done to save humanity. That is the only thing we can do to justify our redemption from the powers of sin, the world and the devil. John saw Jesus coming to him, and pointed Him out as the Lamb of God. His preaching centred on repentance, yet he told his followers that they were to look to Jesus only for the pardon of their sins. John’s purpose for baptizing people was to reveal Jesus to Israel. In other words, the baptism he organised for people was a prelude to the manifestation of Christ to Israel.
Just as John the Baptist had the mandate to reveal Christ to Israelis, so we have been mandated to reveal Christ to our own Jerusalem and to the uttermost part of this world. We can do this through the life of Christ manifesting in us and through the word of God we preach to people. John was a great example to Israel that was the reason they kept asking if he was the Messiah. On our part we should reveal Christ to the world by living out His life in us. This is one of the best ways to reveal Him.
Action: As you go forth into the world today, let the life of Christ be seen in you.
Prayer: God, use me to reveal Jesus to the world through my words and action.

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