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SATAN IS NEVER SATISFIED: Devotion for Thursday September 22, 2016

SATAN IS NEVER SATISFIED: Devotion for Thursday September 22, 2016
Text: Job 2:7 – 8                   Memory verse: Job 2 verse 7
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The story in Job chapters 1 and 2 shows that Satan is never satisfied with tempting us especially when we remain resolute and unyielding to his trials and temptations. He afflicted Job and then tempted to make a bad use of his affliction but God restrained him. Satan can only tempt a child of God but can never bring him to a total ruin. The affliction on Job was so severe that Satan thought Job will curse God as he used his wife to say so. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know that severity of affliction cannot change the views and understanding of a true Christian about God.
Satan’s aim in all these trials, temptations and affliction is to make Job never to worship God again. This is usually the primary aim of Satan in tempting us. He attacks us so we can discredit God. But a true Christian cannot do that just as Job didn’t succumb to Satan’s attack. In all that Job went through, he humbled himself under the mighty hand of God, and brought His mind to his condition. This is an example and challenge for us. We should not be so troubled by the problems and afflictions of life that we forget God.
Beloved, the words of Christ in John 15:19–21 and John 16:33 about temptations and trials are true. As long as we remain in this world, Satan will always attack us. We can’t be immune from his attacks and temptations. No wonder the words in Rev. 12:12. He has now increased the tempo of his attacks because time is short for him. According to Family Bible Notes, “His (Job) disease is generally regarded to have been a malignant and painful species of leprosy.” This was to make people steer clear of him but despite all these, Job was not moved. This is a big challenge for us. We should not be moved by the intensity of trials because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Food for Thought: The aim of Satan’s attack on us is for us to discredit God. Therefore, do not give in to his attacks.
Prayer: As I have resolved to serve you, O Lord my God, make me resolute in that resolution no matter the temptations of the enemies in Jesus name.

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