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Share The Good News

Devotion for Thursday June 1, 2017
Topic: Share The Good News
Text: 2 Kings 7:9
Christianity is all about compassion from God to Man and from Man to Man. Anything short of this is not the true Christianity. As a Christian, if you don’t have compassion on your fellow Christians or even your enemies, your Christianity is incomplete and you are not worthy to be called a Christian.
After these lepers have eaten and drunk, they realized that it would not be the right thing to enjoy the food and drinks alone (2 Kings 7:9). Do you eat and enjoy alone? Repent from it and learn how to share with others. The lepers went and told the gatekeepers of the city because they were not allowed into the city. The gatekeepers in turn told the King. The King doubted the fact that the Syrians had left. This is how we doubt when God is at work at times but my prayer is that God will surprise you this season. The lepers discovered the deserted camp and realized their lives had been spared. At first they kept the good news to themselves, forgetting their fellow citizens, who were starving in the city. They had a compassionate heart which made them to go back into the city with the good news.
The Good News about Jesus Christ must be shared, too, for no news is more important in this our present generation. We must not forget those who are dying without it. We must not become so preoccupied with our own faith that we neglect sharing it with those around us. We shouldn’t “wait until morning.” Today, determine to be compassionate and to show kindness to someone by sharing with him/her the gospel of Christ. Make it part of your life to share with others the gospel.
Action: Reach someone with the Gospel today. Don’t disappoint God.
Memory verse: 2 Kings 7 verse 9
Prayer: God, grant me a compassionate and charitable heart to share my blessings with others especially the Good news of the kingdom.

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