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Stand Out From The Crowd

Devotion for Monday December 4, 2017
Topic: Stand Out From The Crowd
Text: Revelation 1:1 – 6
In this message God sent to the church at Sardis, He noted that despite the depraved nature of the city, there were still some who did not defile their garments. They stood out from the crowd. Ephesians 5:27 speak about the spotlessness of the Church when she shall be presented to Christ; while Revelation 19:18 also say that the “fine linen, clean and white are the righteousness of the saints,” in which it shall be arrayed for the “marriage supper.” The garment of Christian profession is white. At baptism, candidates are arrayed in white, the symbol of holiness and righteousness.
It gladdens the heart to know that even in a place so depraved and where religion had so much declined, there were few persons who had kept themselves free from the general contamination. In most cases, where error and sin prevail, there may be found a few who are worthy of the Divine commendation; a few who show that true religion may exist even when the mass are evil. Can such be said about you? They will be rewarded with a walk with Jesus. Do you compromise your faith and allow corruption just because it is in vogue or that is what people want? Are you standing for righteousness and people are making mockery of you as old fashion or old school? Don’t be disheartened; stand out from the crowd for God knows His people.
Food for Thought: There is always danger in mixed multitude
Memory verse: Revelation 1:4
Prayer: God, grant me the grace to stand out from the crowd and never to compromise my faith in this present generation in Jesus name.

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