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Submit To God’s Will

Devotion for Friday June 1, 2018
Topic: Submit To God’s Will
Text: Luke 1:26 – 38 
There are many reasons why Mary would have rejected the message from Angel Gabriel. The shame as a result of being pregnant out of wedlock, the consequences it will have on her faith, her family and her fiancé. To some people they will choose to avoid such honour rather than bearing the shame like most of us who deny our faith in the face of adversities and temptations. Mary knew she will be ridiculed but like Moses, she chose to suffer affliction of shame, abandonment by friends and loved ones, and reproach, instead of going against the will of God. When Mary said the words in Luke 1:38, she didn’t know about the tremendous opportunity she would have. She only knew that God was asking her to serve Him, and she willingly obeyed. Don’t wait to see the bottom line before offering your life to God. Offer yourself willingly, even when the outcome seems disastrous. It will never lead to regret at the end. Please stop battling with God on the need to submit to His will. You cannot battle with your maker. God is saying submit now before it will be too late. I knew how I battled with God to resign from teaching and to start fulltime church work. It was a real battle in 1995 that lasted months. I thank God I took the right decision at the end and today, I am better off. If not I wouldn’t be alive today. Beloved, submit to God’s will in everything you will do this month and you will never regret doing so. This hymn was the hymn God gave me in 1995 and I want you to share it with me – A&M 357, Abu 193
Food for Thought: Expression of resignation to the will of God, and of faith in His promise is essential in gaining God’s approval and blessings.
Memory verse: Luke 1:38
Prayer: Lord, strengthen my faith in you so that I will always resign to your will for me in all situations in Jesus name. Amen

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