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SUBMIT TO ONE ANOTHER: Devotion for Wednesday August 31, 2016

SUBMIT TO ONE ANOTHER: Devotion for Wednesday August 31, 2016
Text: Ephesians 5:21 – 33         Memory verse: Ephesians 5:21
Submitting to another person is an often misunderstood concept. I witness a counseling of an intending couple. The priest counseling them laid so much emphasis on the woman submitting to the man as if the instruction was meant for the woman alone. In the real sense of submitting to one another, it means yielding cheerful obedience to proper authority, from regard to God, who established it.
Paul proceeded to expand on the matter by the mention of particular cases. When we submit to God, we become more willing to obey His command to submit to others, that is, to subordinate our rights to theirs. In a marriage relationship, both husband and wife are called to submit. For the wife, this means willingly following her husband’s leadership IN CHRIST. For the husband, it means putting aside his own interests in order to care for his wife. Submission is rarely a problem in homes where both partners have a strong relationship with Christ and where each is concerned for the happiness of the other.
The love, Christ has for the church is an example Paul used in this case, which is sincere, pure, and constant, notwithstanding her failures. How sincere is your love for your spouse; your children, your parents, your subordinate, your boss, your neighbour, your colleagues, etc? Do you love them as you love yourself? We shouldn’t be so tenacious on our own will or opinion in matters indifferent, as to disturb the peace of the Church; the peace with our spouses, our neighbours, our colleagues, etc. Relationship thrives on the basis of give and take. In all such matters, give way to each other, and let love rule (Phil. 2:3). That is what Paul admonished us here to do in terms of submission.
Food for Thought: 1 Peter 5:5
Prayer: Lord, remove from me spirit of self and pride and grant me the grace to be submissive in all things lawful in Jesus name.

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