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The Faith That Yields Miracles

My Daily Covenant with God Devotional
Devotion for Wednesday January 11, 2017
Topic: The Faith That Yields Miracles
Text: Matthew 8:5 – 13    
There are some kinds of faith that God cannot resist. When God commanded Abraham to take his only son Isaac, who came at a very old age to sacrifice him, he obeyed God. He didn’t start to argue with Him. God saw that kind of faith that Abraham was very determined and had to stop him as he raised the knife to slaughter Isaac.
Another case was that of the centurion which we have in our text for the day. We can term him a heathen. He was a Roman soldier yet he was a godly man. That he was a soldier didn’t make him to undermine God hence the bible recorded that he was a godly man. We should understand that our call shouldn’t be an excuse for unbelief and sin.
This Centurion had concern for his servant and came to Jesus. We should have such concern for our children and wards especially in leading them to know and serve God. His response after Jesus had agreed to go with him is a proof that he has the fear of God. He didn’t allow obstacles to come in-between him and Jesus. He would have thought that Jesus will reject him because he was a Roman but that was not to be. He took a step and God honoured him. His faith even surpassed the faith of some children of Abraham in the assessment of Jesus.
This Roman officer could have let many obstacles stand between him and Jesus—pride, doubt, money, language, distance, time, self-sufficiency, power, race. But he didn’t. He demonstrated a faith that Jesus couldn’t refuse him. If he did not let these barriers block his approach to Jesus, we don’t need to let these barriers block us either.
What keeps you from Christ? Is it sin, wealth, you past, etc? Jesus is willing to meet our needs even as we read yesterday but do we believe in Him? Do we believe that His words alone can save and heal us? We have a lot to learn from this centurion. Faith in God’s word yields miracles.
Food for Thought: What keeps you away from Christ?
Memory verse: Matthew 8 verse 13 – And to the centurion Jesus said, “Go; let it be done for you as you have believed.” And the servant was healed at that very moment.
Prayer: Make my faith stronger, O Lord, my God that I will believe your words and not doubt them in Jesus name. Amen.

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