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Text: Matthew 5 verse 3                    
Each of the beatitude tells us how God blesses us. Christians should spend time to study the beatitude because some of us have been following the wrong path and when they come to the crossroad (when the blessings they had hoped for didn’t come), they will begin to see the promises of God as not true and subsequently fall out of the faith.
Blessed, means more than happiness. It implies the fortunate and enviable state of believers. It is more of inward and not outward. We shall look at the beatitude for the next 10 days. The poor as used here means the humble, who depend on God in all things, temporal and spiritual, and look to Him for the supply of every want; more especially those who feel their need, as sinners, of spiritual blessings, and look to Jesus Christ to grant them (Isaiah 66:2).
It is proper to understand that being poor as Jesus Christ used it is not those that are poor in estate, or those whom the world has made poor in possession, but those whom the gospel has made poor in spirit, that is, the truly humble and lowly spirits. They have a right and title to the kingdom of heaven. Beloved, what is the effect of the gospel in your life? The gospel should make us do the accepted things in the likeness of Christ. Christ was not keen on material things while on earth but whenever the need arises there is always a provision for that. Though, a King, He live a life of poor spirit. We should emulate Him.
Food for Thought: True happiness does not consist in external condition, but in the state of the mind.
Memory verse: Matthew 5 verse 3
Prayer: God, grant me the understanding of what being poor in spirit means so I will live to receive the blessings therein in Jesus name.

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