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The Severity and Goodness of God

Devotion for Monday July 17, 2017
Topic: The Severity and Goodness of God
Text: Romans 11:22
Severity in this context means strictness or sternness. God in His powers and wisdom decided to put Israel aside for a time and offer salvation through faith to the world. This was a severe act but it was done in judgement to those that disobeyed (Romans 9:32 – 33). He has shown kindness to the Gentiles believers but Gentile believers must continue to trust in His kindness.
Trusting in His kindness refers to steadfast perseverance in faith. They should continually and penitently depend on Christ. Steadfastness is a proof of the reality of faith. If Gentile believers do not continue in perseverance in faith, they will be cut off, just as the natural branches (Israel) were cut off because of unbelief. God’s sternness (severity) was demonstrated to show us that faith was not automatic for the chosen people and His kindness was demonstrated in providing Gentiles with the opportunity for faith. This goes to show that we shouldn’t undermine what God can do.
As we are presently enjoying His grace, let us bear in mind that He is severe and can punish any act of disobedience and disloyalty. God is no respecter of any person. He is a consuming fire. When we fall on Him, we will be crushed and when He falls on us, there will be no remedy as we will grinded. Therefore, we should hold God in awe and obey His commands. That He is good does not mean that He can tolerate our disobedience and misconduct.
Food for Thought: Justice and mercy, goodness and severity are attributes or qualities eminently found in God
Memory verse: Romans 11:22
Prayer: God, grant me and all Christians the understanding that you are severe against disobedience and sin in Jesus name.

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