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There Is Nothing Hidden From God

Devotion for Tuesday December 4, 2017
Topic: There Is Nothing Hidden From God
Text: Acts 15:18
The context of our bible reading today is from Jerusalem Council Meeting presided over by James, the half-brother of our Lord Jesus Christ over the issues of Gentiles becoming Christians, and what they need to do to be accepted. He stated that whatever was happening (Repentance among Gentiles) is known to God because it has been the plan of God from time immemorial (Genesis 3:15; 12:3). The argument of James according to Family Bible Note is that “The calling of the Gentiles into the church is in accordance with God’s purpose from the beginning. Why then throw hindrance in their way.”
Nothing comes to pass by chance, but only by God’s appointment. God knows all you are passing through now. There is nothing that comes to pass by chance without His knowledge. Many cry daily saying that God has forsaken them. Many cry asking if God is not aware of the trials and attacks of the enemies. All these are well known to God. The one that may come tomorrow is also known to Him (Luke 22:33). We should not fret when the enemies come around. They can only succeed when God gives approval. Remember the case of Job. As Jesus prayed for Peter when the devil came to ask for permission to sieve him, so He is praying and working in your favour
Food for Thought: Nothing happens to us except God permits it.
Memory verse: Acts 15:12
Prayer: Lord, you know everything about me. Work out your will concerning all the problems that confront me to you own glory in Jesus name. Amen

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