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They Are Gifts From God

Devotion for Tuesday November 21, 2017
Topic: They Are Gifts From God
Text: John 3:26 – 33
There is nothing we have that is not from God. He is the one that appoints our work and gives us all that we have. Some Jews steered up envy in the mind of the disciples of John the Baptist by telling them that Jesus was baptizing. They came to John, who was wise enough to correct this erroneous perception that no other person can baptize except him and also the envy and jealousy of his disciples. John the Baptist made effort to root out all prejudice against Christ out of their minds, which made him to show them a five-fold difference between Christ and himself (John 3:29 – 33).
There is no ministry we have today that God has not entrusted to us. He gives to all, their places and work as He sees best for us. John cautioned them not to be dissatisfied that a greater than himself has come, for this is what he foretold.
From the above, we should note that it is important every gospel minister should endeavour to magnify Jesus Christ; to display His Glorious Excellency and perfections before the people and not themselves. They should also revere His person, respect His authority and laws. This is the duty we owe God as Christians. That we are being used today doesn’t mean we are to arrogate the praise to ourselves and we start answering big names like Demon Bulldozer, Apostle of Fire, Miracle Worker, etc. We should be humble in whatever way God uses us and never to be envious of the way He uses others too.
Food for Thought: Envy and prejudice kill our gifts and make us unproductive.
Memory verse: James 1:17
Prayer: Almighty God, grant me the understanding that you appoint our work for us and help me not to envy another person or arrogate praise to myself for what you are using me to do in Jesus name.

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