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This Is My Beloved Son

Devotion for Wednesday August 1, 2018
Sing Hymn SS&S (Sankey) No 642 – When we walk with the Lord
Topic: This Is My Beloved Son
Text: Matthew 17:1 – 8
Parents delight in their children especially when they are following their will and instructions for a better future. This is how God the Father has infinite delight in His Son which He expressed in our text and also Matthew 3:17. Such delight has been extended to us too because of our faith in the work Jesus Christ on Calvary.
One of the reasons God the Father chose to make such pronouncement is because He wants His Son to be recognized, obeyed and honoured (John 5:23). This instruction to listen; to obey, to hearken, etc. is designed to help us actualize God’s will for us in this heavenly race.
It is important to obey Jesus for so many reasons.
1) He is the author of our life and faith
2) He knows our yesterday, today and tomorrow
3) He has the key to eternal life which is our main priority as Christian.
4) His counsel is meant for our good and wellbeing. How important is hearing God’s word to you? You cannot claim to have a relationship with God without absolute obedience and compliance to His word.
As we begin this month and in this first devotion for this edition, I sincerely charge you to live more righteously, pleasing God in all things and at the right time, He will certainly declare that you are a beloved son/daughter too. May your life begin to please God and bring joy to heaven in Jesus name! Happy new month!
Food for Thought:
Memory verse: Matthew 3:17
Prayer: O Lord, help me to live the life that will please you so that you will announce me to the world in Jesus name.

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