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To Be Saved Is Very Simple 

Devotion for Wednesday June 7, 2017                
Topic: To Be Saved Is Very Simple                                        
Text: Luke 23:40 – 43            
Some people believe that salvation offered by Christ is very hard to obtain. People who know that armed robber who Jesus forgave on the Cross of Calvary would have concluded that he went to hell fire. Those he robbed would have wished he went to hell to suffer in hell fire for all the atrocities he committed. This is how most of us condemn and conclude wrongly. We should be careful because on the last day we will be disappointed when we see the people that made heaven and hell at last. My desire is that we will make heaven in Jesus name. Paradise is the place where the souls of the righteous remain after death till the resurrection. It is a place of blessedness. On the cross, the evil doer, who believed in Christ received forgiveness and was granted access to paradise. This goes to confirm what Paul said in Rom. 10:10. From this passage we should note that there is future and eternal state into which all souls pass at death. It takes surrendering your life to Christ, believing in His death and resurrection to be saved. The thief made that simple prayers and God was merciful to him. Are your sins too many and you think God cannot forgive you? There is no sin He cannot forgive when we truly and sincerely turn to Him. The expectation from you is repentance. It was so simple for the Jailer and his family (Acts 16:30–33). It will be so simple for you if only you could believe and accept Him today.
Food for Thought: We receive salvation when we believe in our hearts and confess it with our mouth.
Memory verse: Luke 23 verse 43
Prayer: Pray about your salvation. If you have received Christ pray it will be permanent. If not, repent and surrender your life to Him now.

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