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To Their Hurt

Devotion for Sunday November 12, 2017
Topic: To Their Hurt
Text: Ecclesiastics 5:13
Money is good but not everything. There are some things money cannot buy; it cannot buy freedom from sin, peace, secure the future, stop death from coming to them, etc. Many rich people think that they will secure their future and that of their children with their wealth. Unfortunately, it is not so. Solomon sees riches as source of hurt to its owner. This may be the source of hurt to the owner because

  1. He may make an improper use of them or lose his health by them
  2. He may join in an unfortunate partnership and lose all
  3. His riches may excite the desire of robbers and he may spoil him of his goods and even take away his life.
  4. He may leave them to his son, who turns profligate, spends the whole and ruins both his body and soul.

For riches to hurt the owner is one vanity of wealth that after a life of toil and care in accumulating it, it will either be lost or become source of the owner’s death. The rich oppressor’s wealth provokes enemies and robbers. The antidote to this hurt is contentment.. Many people hurt themselves in pursuant of wealth at all cost. This is very unfortunate as it is even seen among Christians who have been admonished to set their minds on the things that are above and not below (Colossians 3:1 – 2). When we understand this, it will help our orientation and perception about wealth. Think about this and take a good stand now before you will hurt yourself so badly.
Food for Thought: Wealth, heaped up out of covetousness will always result clashes of interest among heirs.
Memory verse: Ecclesiastics 5:13
Prayer: God help me to reorder my priorities in life so that I will not pursue wealth at the detriment of my salvation and hurt in Jesus name. Amen.

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