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Utilize Your Talent/Gifts – The Example of Joseph

Devotion for Wednesday January 10, 2018
Topic: Utilize Your Talent/Gifts – The Example of Joseph
Text: Genesis 40:5 – 23
Joseph’s gift/talent was to dream and interpret the dreams. He was not stingy with that gift. He dreamt about his brothers bowing to him as a king and another time his parents bowing to him. His dreams elicited hatred from his brothers who sold him into slavery. But being a slave didn’t stop him from using his talents even while in prison, he interpreted the dream of Pharaoh’s servant. Some people would have ignored those servants but not Joseph. He showed concern towards their sadness and inability to understand their dreams. When they told him about their dreams, he gave the right interpretation. His appeal that chief butler should remember him was ignored but he continued his life until another opportunity came when Pharaoh dreamt and there was no interpreter. Then he was remembered. His gift sorted him out and he came out from prison to become a Prime Minister in a foreign land. The way you use your gift matters to God and humanity. God who gave you that gift expects you to use it to serve Him and humanity, and until you begin to use them it cannot manifest the more and bring you before men. If Joseph had shown indifference to the fellow prisoners, when the need arose for an interpreter, he wouldn’t have been remembered. Therefore put your gift into use and it will sort you out. Sing SS&S 1138, Abu 240
Food for Thought: Talent without tact is only half talent – Horace Greeley.
Memory verse: Genesis 41:13
Prayer: God, help me to utilize the gift you gave me just as Joseph did and let it bring me before great men in Jesus name. Amen.

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