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We Are Joint Heirs With Christ

Devotion for Saturday February 3, 2018
Topic: We Are Joint Heirs With Christ
Text: Romans 8:17 – 25
Behold what manner of love God has bestowed on us (1 John 3:1)! Our God breaks protocols when He wants to bless someone He loves. He can change the course of nature to ensure He blesses someone or fulfills His wills for us. When Balaam couldn’t see reasons with Him, He used his donkey to speak to him (Numbers 22:22 – 28). He parted the Red Sea for Israel to walk through but when the Egyptians tried it, they sank. These supernatural acts are what make God the Almighty. Paul stated in our text that Christians are all first born and heirs of the Almighty God. Naturally, only first born is the heir in the family. Others are never seen as heirs. In earthly inheritances, only the first-born are heirs; but the church is a church of first-born, for they are all heirs. Heaven is an inheritance that all the saints are heirs to. They do not come to it as purchasers by any merit or procurement of their own; but as heirs, purely by the act of God; for God makes Christians heirs. The saints are heirs though in this world they are heirs under age (Galatians 4:1 – 2). However, there is a clause attached to the status of being heir to the heavenly Kingdom and that is the condition that we suffer with Him (Romans 8:17). Paul further stated that what God has in stock for us should make us to be expectant of the time we will be glorified (Romans 8:18 – 25). Are you working towards that time? Make it a priority.
Sing A&M 330; Abu 112
Food for Thought: Galatians 4:7
Memory verse: Romans 8:17
Prayer: God, as you have made me heir, don’t allow me to abuse this honour on me in Jesus name. Amen

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