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What Do You Wish

Devotion for Sunday June 17, 2018
Sing A&M 319; Abu 247.
Topic: What Do You Wish?
Text: Esther 5: 1 – 8 
The story of Esther and Mordecai teaches us that we can gain power and favour from fasting and prayers when our lives are pleasing to God. Esther risked her life by coming before the king which was against the law. Her courageous act is a model for us to follow, in approaching a difficult or dangerous task. Like Esther, we can (1) calculate the cost: Esther realized her life was at stake. (2) Set priorities: She believed that the safety of the Jewish race was more important than her life. (3) Prepare: She gathered support and fasted. (4) Determine a course of action and move ahead boldly: She didn’t think too long about it, allowing the interlude to lessen her commitment to what she had to do. Do you have to face a hostile audience, confront a friend on a delicate subject, or talk to your family about changes to be made? Rather than dreading difficult situations or putting them off, take action with confidence by following Esther’s inspiring example. It was Esther’s courageous move that led to the question which is our topic for the day. The king noticed that something led Esther to risk her life and thus he raised the question and she demanded a dinner with the king and Haman. If God can grant Esther such favour before men how much more when He is involved (Matthew 7:11)? Beloved, what is your wish? Is it money for rents and bills? Is it fruit of the womb? Is it a job? If you follow Esther’s model, God will certainly move in your favour (Luke 18:1ff).
Food for Thought: How do you make good use of the blank cheque God issued to us in Matthew 7:7?
Memory verse: Esther 5:3
Prayer: Make your request known to God bearing in mind Numbers 14:28 and Matthew 7:7

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