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When God Has Something For You

Devotion for Saturday March 17, 2018
Topic: When God Has Something For You
Text: Genesis 12:1 – 3
There are processes we undergo in life. No one gets all the blessings of life in a place. This is true in all our lives endeavours. God has reasons for doing everything or issuing any instruction to us. This is so because He knows the future and will not want us to distort our relationship with Him again after we have repented. Our bible reading for the day has God’s call on Abraham. He was instructed to leave his home, his kindred to an unknown place. The reason for this instruction was for him to be in a place where He will make a change in his life and faith.
In Genesis 12:4, he did and the changes started. God gave him a new name from Abram (exalted father) to Abraham – father of multitude (Genesis 17:5), Sera to Sarah for his wife (17:6) and many others blessings that followed. Maybe these changes would have been hard for Abraham if he had remained in his birthplace. They would have ridiculed him and that was the reason God demanded that he moves to another place. There was the need to move just as we saw yesterday. It was not easy for him. He had many obstacles and oppositions but God used all to bring change in his life and posterity.
Beloved, most things we pass through in life are meant to lead us to something better in life. Joseph went through slavery to become what God spoke to him at very tender age. David had to go on exile before he ascended the throne God anointed him earlier. Hannah went through a process before she got a special child; same way for Zachariah and Elizabeth. What are you going through now that seems to have taken a lot from you? Surely it is meant to lead you into something bigger that God has in stock for you. Sing A&M 330; Abu 112
Food for Thought: There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Memory verse: Genesis 12:1
Prayer: God, grant that as you take me through the process of life, may it bring change that will bring me into your kingdom in Jesus name.

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