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WHEN GOD STEPS INTO OUR PROBLEM: Devotion for Sunday November 27, 2016

WHEN GOD STEPS INTO OUR PROBLEM: Devotion for Sunday November 27, 2016
Text: John 5:1 – 9                           Memory verse: John 5 verse 6
When God steps into our problems; all the things that were hitherto impossible will become possible. When He steps into our lives, we see visible change and turnaround. When He steps into our problem, all protocols and laws of nature will give way for Him to fulfill his purpose in our lives. This was the case of this man in our scriptural reading for the day.
This man at Pool of Bethesda whose name was not mentioned didn’t invite Jesus into his problem. Jesus stepped into it because of His compassionate disposition towards us as we read on Wednesday November 23. After 38 years, this man’s problem had become his way of life. No one had ever helped him. He had no hope of ever being healed and no desire to help himself. The man’s situation looked hopeless in the eyes of men but God who knows our needs knew that he needed help even though he couldn’t help himself.
The arrival of Jesus turned things around for a man who has no help. Jesus didn’t put him into the pool to be healed as others were healed in that place rather, He proved that He is far greater than the Pool and powers therein. The man received a supernatural healing from Jesus Christ. You can imagine the joy that will be in his heart as he was leaving that Pool. Those who gave up on him were disappointed. How will those who had wished him death see him coming back home? This is how God will disappoint and put to shame all your enemies who are wishing you death, failure, etc.
Beloved in Christ, no matter how trapped you feel in your infirmities, God can minister to your deepest needs. Don’t let a problem or hardship cause you to lose hope. God may have special work for you to do in spite of your condition, or even because of it. Many have ministered effectively to hurting people because they have triumphed over their own hurts. All you need to do is to pray that God will locate you as He steps into that your sickness, trials, prison, marriage, business, studies and examination, etc. When He steps in, your level will definitely change for good.
Food for Thought: Jesus Christ is a game changer we need to make our lives more meaningful.
Prayer: My God, step into problems confronting me that there will be a change in Jesus name.

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