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WHEN YOU WAY PLEASES GOD: Devotion for Saturday September 10, 2016

WHEN YOU WAY PLEASES GOD: Devotion for Saturday September 10, 2016
Text: Genesis 26:26 – 33                  Memory verse: Genesis 26:28 
Today’s bible passage confirms Proverbs 16:7 which says, “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” This was the case of Isaac in our bible reading of today. We have seen this happen in so many places. David who killed Philistine giant and champion Goliath was offered asylum by Achish one of the Philistines kings who would have seen the coming of David as an opportunity to avenge the death of their champion but it was not so as he openly and warmly welcomed David and his men. He didn’t stop at that, he also gave him the power to choice the place he will stay and David opted for Ziklag to go out of his daily sight.
The bible asserts that the kings’ hearts are in the hands of God, which, when it pleases Him, turns their hearts to grant favour to His people. A good man will always be peaceful. That was the case of Isaac. He never insisted on avenging the unfair treatment he received from the Philistines. Rather, he chose to forgive them and to enter into a new relationship and friendship with them.
Our Christian faith teaches and expects us to be good and friendly neighbours with people in our neighbourhood. It always expects us to live peaceably with all men as we have in Hebrew 12:14. For what Isaac did in making forgiving and making peace, providence smiled upon him and God blessed his labours. This persuaded the people of Gerar to come to Isaac.
With Isaac’s enemies wanting to make a peace treaty, Isaac was quick to respond, turning the occasion into a celebration. We should be just as receptive to those who want to make peace with us. When God’s influence in our lives attracts people; even enemies, we must take the opportunity to reach out to them with God’s love. Insisting on wrongs done to us can never bring God’s blessing upon us. Those that God has blessed and favoured have enough reason to forgive those that hate them, since they cannot do them any real harm. Are you willing to forgive those who offended you?
Food for Thought: “Doing an injury puts you below your enemy; revenging one, makes you even with him; forgiving it sets you above him” -Nylic Review.
Prayer: Lord, grant me the heart to forgive those who offend and hurt me in Jesus name.

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