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Why Fiery Serpent?

Devotion for Friday November 10, 2017
Topic: Why Fiery Serpent?
Text: Numbers 21:4 – 9
God chose this method of healing to cure the snakebite on the Israelites for some reasons. God prescribed this method to show that it was God’s own work, and not the effect of nature or art. Again, that it might be an eminent type of our salvation by Christ. The Fiery Serpent here signified Christ, who was in the likeness of sinful flesh, though without sin, as this brazen serpent had the outward shape, but not the inward poison of the other serpents.
The pole resembled the cross upon which Christ was lifted up for our salvation and looking up to the fiery serpent is similar to our belief in the work Christ did at the Cross. It took some time to make the fiery serpent because God would not speedily take off the judgement, until He saw that they were thoroughly humbled. God chose the fiery serpent to show us what He intended to for us through Christ.
Many still died without looking at the fiery serpent. In the same manner, people are dying today without looking at Jesus’ work on Calvary. Jesus went to the Cross of Calvary for a purpose. You should look at Him on the Cross now that you are alive before it will be too late. Those who refused to look at the fiery serpent died even when there was an opportunity to being healed. Act now and look at Jesus who died for you on the Cross of Calvary and you will not need to die again.
Food for Thought: Jesus went to the Cross of Calvary for your sake. Are you aware of this and have you actually believed in what He did for you there?
Memory verse: John 3:14
Prayer: God, may I look at Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary of the poisonous effect of sin in my life in the name of the same Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. Amen

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