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YET, I WILL TRUST HIM: Devotion for Tuesday September 20, 2016

YET, I WILL TRUST HIM: Devotion for Tuesday September 20, 2016
Text: Job 13:13 – 23      Memory verse: Job 1 verse 15
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Only those who are fools blame God for their woes and eventually turn their backs against Him. Luke 20:18, says “Whoever falls on that stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.” This verse is true of what will be our portion if we break out of our relationship with God. He will crush us with His anger if we try to strive with Him (see Isaiah 49:5).
If we run from Him, we are in trouble. If He hides His face, we are also in trouble. Therefore, no matter the situation in life we should keep following and trusting Him for that is the best thing for us. Contending with your maker will only amount to more troubles and problems of life. This is the mind of Job here. Job and his friends thought that his problem was from God as an affliction for his sins. But Job resolved to cleave to the testimony his own conscience gave of his uprightness and also steadfastly trust God for salvation despite all he was going through. He relied on God for justification as he had been accused by his friends and salvation because it was only God who could deliver him from the problems facing him.
When we show great confidence in God in times of trials, temptations, troubles and problems we pass through, it will certainly turn out as our greatest safeguard in those times of trials, troubles, temptations and problems of life. Job sees God as his source of salvation (Job 13:16). He didn’t say there is no more God because of the problems of life he was passing through even when the wife pressured him into doing such. This is a great lesson for us. No matter the problems of life we may be going through, it shouldn’t lead us into turning our backs against God or else we will worsen our situations. We should keep on trusting Him. Job did and was rewarded at the end. If you do, you will certainly be rewarded.
Food for Thought: Psalm 23:4
Prayer: Grant me the grace, my Lord and my God, to trust and depend on you no matter the problems of life I may be passing through in Jesus name. Amen.

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