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You Alone Are God

Devotion for Saturday June 23, 2018
Sing Ancient & Modern (Revised) 372; Abu 8
Topic: You Alone Are God
Text: 2 Kings 19:14 – 19
There is no controversy as to who the God we serve is. No matter the idea people may express of what they feel or think about God of Israel, He remains the only God who should be worshipped and feared. Despite all conspiracies against the present day Israel, there is no nation that can be compared with Israel in terms of excellence, fruitfulness, breakthrough in science and agriculture. For this reason, no nation on earth has won Noble Price on Science more than Israel. The total Nobel Peace Prize won by Israel as at 2010 was 129. Amazing you will say!
Our God is God of war and He is able to do anything He purposes. Hezekiah knew this too well and in this prayer, he acknowledged that He alone is God who protects His name and His people. He noted that the nations Assyrians destroyed do not have Him that was why they succeeded. He called on God to arise and save Israel so the world will know that He alone is God. Proper understanding of our God can help us to appropriate to ourselves the benefits in the New Covenant we have with Him. Even in the Old Covenant days, Hezekiah knew what God of Israel can do hence he didn’t hesitate in going to Him. Beloved, we should know the God we serve. He is not a man. He is Omnipotent. He has full control over the whole earth and can turn situations into our favour.
What are the challenges of life you are going through this moment? God alone has control over those challenges and He will bring you out of them as you call on Him today.
Food for Thought: Isaiah 44:6
Memory verse: 2 Kings 19:15
Prayer: Grant me the understanding, O God, that you alone are God beside you there is no other god.

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